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      WHO WE ARE &
      WHAT WE DO
      & PANEL PC
      BCM Since 1990
      Your Partner in
      Intel x86 | NXP & Rockchip ARM Platform
      Long Life
      Compact | Ruggdized | Fan or Fanless
      All-in-One Panel Computing
      Open Frame Tablet
      & Panel PC
      ODM & OEM Services
      Design for
      Industrial Computing

      Founded in 1990, BCM is one of the top global suppliers of industrial motherboards and embedded computing systems in the industry. We offer a wide range of standard products as well as best in class custom design services for our ODM/OEM customers. All of our products offer extended lifecycles, strict revision control, and are designed for 24/7 operation.

      Our products can be found in many of the everyday devices you encounter including self-serve kiosks, vending machines, POS, fitness equipment, video conferencing, 3D printers, security surveillance, medical equipment, airport x-ray scanners, digital signage, slot machines and automated lottery terminals to name a few.

      Industrial Control

      We provide reliable, long lifecycle, industrial motherboards and Barebone/Box PC systems that can used in 3D printer control consoles, factory automation, packaging systems, HMI devices, or other industrial control applications


      We customize computing solutions for gaming applications including VLT, slot machines, player tracking systems, bingo machines, arcade games and mobile gaming devices

      Medical Imaging

      Turn-key custom motherboard design for high performance ultrasound imaging system, 3D/HD imaging scanning system and mobile medical devices

      Automated Vending

      We provide fast, easy to integrate, and ready-for-market open frame tablets and panel PCs for automated vending machines, POS, digital signage, and Kiosk applications


      Custom motherboard design for digital AV applications such as video conferencing systems, digital audio video production & broadcasting devices

      Smart Fitness Solution

      Customized fitness console provides Multi OS Supported, TV tuner, the Internet, interactive course, app compatibility, asset management and IoT connectivity services

      Smart Healthcare

      Patient Check-in Kiosk/Tablet, Medical & Pharmacy Instrument, Laboratory Test & Analysis Devices, Digital Signage & Information Systems, Pharmacy Inventory Management

      Medical Bedside Care

      We provide solutions with scalable performance, ready-for-market, and cost effectiveness for Nursing Cart & Point-of-Care Systems, and Patient Infotainment


      Introducing new products built with the latest Intel®, NXP and Rockchip® computing platform

      BCM is your one-stop-shop and trusted supplier for all of your embedded computing requirements. From turn-key ODM/OEM design, both x86 and ARM, to quality & ISO controlled manufacturing, call us to see how we can support your next embedded computing project.

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      We provide turn-key custom design for both motherboard and system level projects including all-in-one touch panel PCs based on Intel® x86, NXP i.MX, and Rockchip ARM (RISC) computing architectures. Design service criteria covers spec consultation, development, schematic design, layout, CAD drawing, mechanical & ID design, 3D modeling, mock-up plastic housing, tooling, mounting design, thermal simulation, and regulatory certifications.

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      Our products are manufactured in our ISO 9000 & ISO 14001, ISO 13485 (medical device), and TS 16949 (automotive electronics) certified factories. All products undergo 100% factory functional testing prior to shipping to minimizing out of box failures as well as both OQC & IQC checkpoints to ensure revision level continuity and no surprises on your factory floor. Low RMA + No Production Line Disruption = Optimized Efficiency.

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      We partner with global, tier one, distributors and system integrators to best support for our ODM/OEM customers with seamless order placing, delivery, stocking, payment terms, and worldwide logistics.

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      Our products are designed for 24/7 operation with a minimum lifecycle of 5-7+ years. Product Lifecycle Management is something we at BCM understand and our experts at. For each new design, at inception we thoroughly review our component selection prior to adding them to our approved vendor list (AVL). To ensure long-life parts availability, BCM primarily designs products based on technology providers such as Intel® or NXP® that have a firm commitment to providing extended lifecycle chipsets and processors. BCM strives to provide 6 months advanced notification on any product changes especially related to component end-of-life (EOL) notifications with details regarding the impact of the change and/or last-time buy options or suggested product replacements allowing for informed decisions. BCM subscribes to PCN Alert to help with our product lifecycle management.

      Our Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Logistics experts are true veterans in the electronics industry. Their experience time again helps our customer to navigate and mitigate the consequences of severe components shortages, astronomical lead-times, port strikes, natural disasters, and many other calamities that drive costs up, push efficiencies down, and potentially lead to the worst case scenarios of lines-down. We can’t prevent industry chaos but we’ve seen it before and most definitely can help reduce its negative impact.

      BCM has a team of professions that can help our customer with regulatory compliance and certifications for their OEM equipment that uses our products or services. We are experts in worldwide emission and safety certifications at both the PCBA and system level. We understand and comply with worldwide standards in hazardous material reporting and labeling requirements such as Reach, RoHS, conflict minerals or emissions and safety standards such as FCC, CE, UL, CSA, and IEEE.


      BCM has been in the PC and IPC business for 30 years. We started in the USA and have kept a very strong footprint here to support our North American OEM customers at the highest level while at the same time building core operations in Taiwan to remain in the eye of the electronic ecosystem.

      BCM specializes in turn-key custom motherboard and system design. Whether x86 or ARM electronics, plastic or steel enclosures, our extensive design capabilities and flexible business models ensure a custom design that meets the spec, launches on time, and minimizes design cost and design risk.

      BCM is a tiered Intel® IoTG member and NXP Proven Partner in good standing. Through such partnerships BCM is able to get early access to the technology, technical road-maps, design support, and business opportunities to help our clients stay current in their technology solutions and ahead of their competitors.

      BCM’s manufacturing adheres to accredited quality systems including ISO-9001, ISO-140001, and ISO-13485 for medical. Our localized engineering, customer service, and technical support teams ensure fast, clear, and concise information in or near your time zone.

      BCM has engineering staffs and tenured PM teams in both North America and Taiwan for a global, yet local ODM experience. We own our Taiwan-based (and tariff-free) factories with supply chain experts located in the electronics ecosystem epicenter for global competitiveness.

      We have a saying that if makes sense, and it makes a profit, we’ll do it. We are a very business oriented and pragmatic company that values long-term business relationships with our customers on a win-win basis when possible, but also not so win-win for us when strategic or as a favor to a valued customer. This philosophy has garnered many great and long-lasting business relationships with our customers, both big and small. Give us a try and you’ll see for yourself.

      BCM is a supplier of turn-key industrial motherboards and embedded computing solutions for well over two decades. Our Southern CA based R&D and PM teams provide fast paced and innovative ODM service with leading technology to meet most customer requirements while our manufacturing, global sourcing, and logistic teams work together to bring the most cost effective and highest quality solutions to our customers.

      BCM Advanced Research
      11 Chrysler, Irvine, CA, USA